A Mossel Bay tour to the roots of culture

164,000 years of holidays in Mossel Bay.

Visit the Pinnacle Point Caves in the company of the archaeologist who discovered them.

Out and About Travel - Human Origins Tour


These caves have revealed the earliest evidence for modern human behaviour: the use of ochres for symboling, the systematic harvesting of the sea, the use of fire to produce superior quality stone tools, the use of complex bladelet technology.

Truly, this is where culture began.


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3 - 4 Hours

Our Point of Human Origins Tours are presented by Dr. Peter Nilssen (PhD in archaeology, University of Cape Town, 2000). The tours are divided into two parts: an introductory lecture, and a field visit to the Pinnacle Point Caves. Lunch can be served as an optional extra.
Start: 09h00
End: 14h00

  • • Meet at the Pinnacle Point Homeowner’s Association Reception building (opposite the entrance to the Garden Route Casino on Pinnacle Point Road, Mossel Bay). Transfer by road to the Pinnacle Point Golf Course Clubhouse
  • Gather in the Platinum Lounge for Dr. Nilssen’s lecture entitled ‘Our Origins’ – here you’ll learn about:

- The time line of the early-, middle-, and later stone ages
- The background to the archaeology at Pinnacle Point
- Sea levels, cave formation and archaeological deposits
- Methods of excavation
- The archaeology of modern humans
- Where and when humankind began behaving in the modern manner
- And where we’re going with all of this... Refreshments

  • Hike from the Clubhouse to Pinnacle Point Cave PP13B. o Here, on this extremely valuable archeological site, Dr. Nilssen will explain how the discoveries were made, why bone and shell are preserved in the caves, and how thearchaeologists excavate, record, study, and interpret the material that’s unlocked our understanding of the origins of modern human behavior.
  • Hike back up the cliff to the Clubhouse.
  • (Optional) Lunch at the Pinnacle Point Clubhouse.
  • Road transfer to Reception.

Caution: The only access to Pinnacle Point Cave PP13B is via a series of steep wooden stairways and boardwalks. The climb back up can be taxing unless you’re mildly fit.