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Discover South African Shorelines

4 days of intense discovery on the shoreline that gave succor to our earliest modern ancestors

Out and About Travel - Becoming Human Again



Day 1

'Becoming a human animal'
  • Arrive Mossel Bay.
  • Introductions by guides and guests: each person talks for 5 minutes on their passions and fears
  • 2-hour presentation on the concept of becoming a human animal
  • 1-hour open discussion
  • Stretching and breathing
  • 1-hour presentation on ancestral nutrition
  • Prepare and eat an ancestral meal
  • Half hour instruction on walking without disturbing animals.(Small bird - a tiny thread is formed. After many encounters with that bird, the thread becomes thicker until it becomes a rope. When there are many ropes to many animals and many people, then the rope to nature is formed)
  • 2 hour slow walk. Learn rock balancing, and create small,
  • personal land art installations
  • Ancestral meal prepared by a demonstration chef
  • Watch the ‘Great Dance’ - how the San live and hunt with nature.” to “Watch ‘Great Dance’ by Craig Foster and Damon Foster (www.senseafrica.com)  - film about how the San live and hunt with nature.
  • Talk and discussion: for 95% of our time on earth, we humanswere hunters and foragers, and shamanic beings. This is still an integral part of our design. When we realise this, we discover who we are.

Day 2

Pinnacle Point Caves
  • Stretching and breathing: prepare the mind
  • Visit the Pinnacle Point Caves - home to the ancestors of every human on earth today. Understand the meaning of our African origin.
  • Walk the rocky shores and taste some of our original diet; meet the creatures of the rock pools; swim in the water, and begin to learn how to control body temperature.
  • Ancestral picnic.
  • Guide will catch a cat shark by hand, and demonstrates how to hypnotise a shark. Guests can try this too - if they feel confident.
  • A screening of the film ‘Sharkman,’ with a discussion on how predators perceive humans, and how we should interact with predators

Day 3

Into nature
  • Stretching and breathing
  • Ancestral breakfast, demonstration, and talk on advanced nutrition.
  • Brainstorming session: sketch a communal land art piece
  • Go into nature build and photograph large communal land art piece.
  • Late ancestral lunch
  • Slide show on rock art with a talk on the meaning of early art, and on altered states of consciousness as a human birthright.
  • Learn techniques of shifting consciousness.
  • After dinner, watch ‘The animal communicator,’ and discuss advanced forms of communication between species.

Day 4

Explore and discover
  • Stretching and breathing
  • Guests prepare their own ancestral meal
  • Talk on discovering and noticing mysteries in nature, and howto photograph the unseen, and to capture hidden power on film.
  • Guests walk alone, try to discover hidden things, and photograph them: identify an animal’s tracks; balance on arock; cover the body in ochre.
  • Chef’s demonstration of a palaeo-diet lunch
  • Guests prepare and deliver 10-minute talks on theirexperiences.
  • After dinner, watch ‘Touching the dragon.’ General discussion on the four days of experiences.

Day 5

  • Human animals return to haunt their families with strange tales of dragons and how to eat raw meat and other foods.