Discover South African Shorelines past and present

A few days of intense discovery on the shoreline that gave succor to our earliest modern ancestors

Out and About Travel - Becoming Human Again



Day 1

'Becoming a human animal'

Day 2

Pinnacle Point Caves

Day 3

Into nature
  • Stretching and breathing
  • Ancestral breakfast, demonstration, and talk on advanced nutrition.
  • Brainstorming session: sketch a communal land art piece
  • Go into nature build and photograph large communal land art piece.
  • Late ancestral lunch
  • Slide show on rock art with a talk on the meaning of early art, and on altered states of consciousness as a human birthright.
  • Learn techniques of shifting consciousness.
  • After dinner, watch ‘The animal communicator,’ and discuss advanced forms of communication between species.

Day 4

Explore and discover

Day 5