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Hello! And welcome to our Blog!

Here we will help you discover new places worth visiting, share recommendations of our favorite hangouts and interesting finds, show you hidden gems that we bet you did not know about, take you through a tour across our beautiful country, South Africa and beyond, share interesting stories of our travel experiences, tours and excursions and dive deep into a world of yesteryear until you had enough and start planning a trip of your own!

We hope that our content will inspire you through visual storytelling and our love for travel!

- Frik & Di

South Africa's Super Seven Series

Posted by Out & About Africa on Thu July 27, 2023 in South Africa.

South Africa is one of the most diverse and enchanting countries in the world. Exotic combinations of landscapes, people, history and culture offer the traveller a unique and inspiring experience.

South Africa is a heady mix of third and first world cultures - along with the best and least crowded beaches in the world. Throw in wildlife parks such as the The Kruger National Park, Ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites, , beautiful natural scenery, a great infrastructure and a stable post-apartheid environment and you have a great destination waiting to happen.

Let's look at the Super 7 areas of attraction

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The Conscious Traveler Collection

Posted by Out & About Africa on Mon July 17, 2023 in South Africa.

Travel brings us up close to some of our planet’s most stunning natural wonders and connects us with cultures around the globe. It also has the power to change places and the lives of the people who live there – for better or worse. This doesn't mean you need to forfeit comfort for an eco-friendly option. There are plenty of eco accommodation and hotel options throughout the country that offer both green principles and luxurious comfort.

As more and more travelers are becoming aware of how important it is to adopt eco friendly principles in South Africa so too are establishments. By adopting various "green values", "sustainable or responsible tourism" or going completely green, these establishments are making a difference in South Africa. Out & About Travel offers the responsible tourist an array of green accommodation to choose from to suit any budget.

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Pangolins – the ugliest most beautiful threatened animal in the world!

Posted by Out & About Africa on Thu June 29, 2023.

Pangolin or Armadillo?… it’s no surprise that many people often get the two animals mixed up. These two small-to-medium-sized insectivores both possess hard scales made of keratin, which is the same material in human fingernails and toenails.

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Aardvark, you ugly thing!

Posted by Out & About Africa on Wed May 31, 2023 in South Africa.

They are cute, but oh so mysterious!
Literally, an Earth Pig!
Looks like a pig telling fibs, with a cousin that may have been a donkey, but it’s not a pig at all (neither a donkey)!
This little piggy is a closer relative to an elephant or a golden mole.

Scientific name: Orycteropus afer

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